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Introduction for zebra guide wire

Introduction for zebra guide wire

  • Wednesday, 28 February 2024
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Ultra-smooth guide wire is a special guide wire for interventional diagnosis and treatment. The ultra-smooth guide wire has a special surface treatment to reduce the friction between the guide wire and the microcatheter, Or the resistance of the guide wire when passing through the cavity of human tissue such as the ureter, improve the guiding and conveying ability of the guide wire, and reduce the risk of damage to human tissue.

Super-smooth guidewires usually achieve super-smooth effect through surface coating,

Generally can be divided into hydrophilic coating and hydrophobic coating. The outer layer of the zebra guide wire (guide wire for urinary tract) is covered with a hydrophobic and developable blue-white two-color PTFE film, so named the zebra guide wire.

Zebra guide wire acts as a "pathfinder" during intubation, it can not only "explore" the lesion site, but also guide surgical instruments to the site. Its inner core is usually made of nickel-titanium alloy. It is suitable for urological operations of non-vascular lumens such as ureteral calculus and kidney stones.

Zebra guide wire
This product is suitable for gastroenterology, endoscopy center, respiratory department, urology department, interventional department, matching with endoscope, for the guidance of digestive system, urinary system or airway or introducing other instruments.
✔PTFE coating, excellent lubricity, easy to pass through the cavity;
✔ Gradient structure design, easy to pass through twists and turns and restricted parts;
✔The tip of the guide wire is flexible and can prevent tissue damage;
✔The design of blue and white spiral stripes is convenient for judging the moving state of the guide wire under the endoscope.

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