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Introduction for Disposable introducer set

Introduction for Disposable introducer set

  • Wednesday, 28 February 2024
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Introducer sheath, also known as vascular sheath. It is a method that establishes an access channel through the skin to the lumen of the blood vessel, In order to facilitate repeated delivery or exchange of devices into blood vessels, it is a professional interventional radiology device that protects the punctured blood vessel during the repeated entry and exit of the device. The introducer sheath consists of three parts: guide wire, dilator and sheath.

Introducer sheath is a kind of interventional sheath in interventional radiology. In vascular interventional therapy, the first step is to establish and maintain vascular access, this step requires the use of puncture needles, introducer sheaths, guiding catheters, and Y-valve. Among them, the catheter sheath is used to assist various interventional catheters to enter the arteries or IV blood vessel during the percutaneous catheterization process, which can provides a stable surgical channel.

Introducer sheath set
This product is suitable for puncture of femoral arteriovenous vessels, assisting various catheter insertions for interventional diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular patients. It consists of a dilation tube, an introducer sheath, a guide wire, a puncture needle, a syringe, and a scalpel.
✔The wedge-shaped smooth transition between the dilator tube and the sheath tube provides good passability and stronger bending resistance;
✔Special hemostasis valve design to maintain good hemostasis;
✔Operation is smoother;
✔The use of internationally unified color codes and digital coding is easier to identify.

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