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The arterial cannulas have a variety of applications, ranging from the mundane task of connecting a vein to a blood vessel to the more complex task of delivering medication to a patient. There are a few things that you need to be aware of when using a cannula, and this is true regardless of the reason why you are using one.


During the process of cardiopulmonary bypass, soft-flow arterial cannula are used to provide a gentle perfusion of the aorta. These cannulas have kink-resistant wire-wrapped bodies, as well as depth markers and a vented 3/8-inch connection. Medtronic has sole distribution rights for the cannulas in the market.

As a direct consequence of this, clinicians all around the world have a strong preference for Soft-Flow cannulas. This is mostly as a result of their capacity to lessen the pressure drop and increase the flow velocity. Their one-of-a-kind characteristics also help to guarantee that the cannula is positioned correctly, which is critical for cardiopulmonary bypass procedures.

In vitro testing was performed using five different cannulas that are typically used so that the flow dynamics of the cannulas can be evaluated. They were judged against a cannula that served as a reference and had an inner wall geometry that was comparable to that of a traditional curved-tip cannula.

According to the findings, the optiCAN ecmo arterial cannula was not damaged by hemolysis at any point during the test. At a flow rate of 6 L/min, it resulted in a maximum pressure loss of 40 mmHg. On the other hand, it did not maintain a larger cerebral flow than the cannula used as a reference.

The OptiCAN has been engineered with a novel tip that is intended to broaden the distribution of the cannula's output. The flow pattern takes the form of a flame, and the region 31 is located close to the auxiliary entrance 28. This region is traversed by approximately one third of all of the fluid that is expelled by the device.

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