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What precautions should patients take when indwelling a gastric tube?

March 02,2023

Gastric decompression is the drainage of fluid and gas from the gastric tract through a gastric tube,Reduces pressure and tension within the

gastrointestinal tract,Improves blood circulation in the gastrointestinal wall. It is an effective treatment measure to promote the recovery of gastrointestinal function.

What should patients pay attention to when indwelling gastric tube?

1. Doing more swallowing movements can help the gastric tube enter the esophagus quickly and relieve discomfort;

2. When nausea and vomiting occur, raise your hand to signal the nurse to pause intubation and take a deep breath;

3. Difficulty breathing, strayed into the trachea, pull out immediately;

4. Do not remove or close gastrointestinal decompression at will, need to maintain effective negative pressure suction;

5. Fixed at the shoulder, do not pull when turning over

6.During the period of gastrointestinal decompression, diet and oral medicine should be prohibited, and the doctor should supplement the nutritional solution appropriately;


During gastrointestinal decompression, when the condition improves, there is no obvious abdominal distension, intestinal peristalsis recovers and anal exhaust should be stopped in time. When extubating, the suction device should be separated from the decompression tube first, the decompression tube should be clamped off, the patient should be instructed to hold their breath, and the decompression tube should be pulled out quickly.

Gastrointestinal decompression is an indispensable basic operation in surgery.

The scope of application is also very wide, For intestinal obstruction, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, emergency laparotomy and other operations, a gastric tube will be placed before the operation. The quality of nursing directly affects the curative effect of gastrointestinal decompression and the control of complications.

Therefore, it is of great clinical significance to improve the success rate of first intubation, the indwelling time of gastric tube and the follow-up care of gastric tube intubation.