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Welcome Mr. Saqib From Pakistan to visit Life Medical Equipment

June 29,2023

After Dragon holidays, Life Medical Equipment welcomes its friend Mr. Saqib who is very interesting in the arterial cannula and iv cannula.  Its arterial cannula has the patent design for the switch, made with medical grade PU material and has the good biocompatibility. It has the better pressure resistance than the similar products in the market. Its IV cannula has three types which includes pen like type, butterfly type ,with injection port type. With its high quality and good price, its brand is well -known and has a very positive feedback from market.

Foreigner friend took a visit to our plant and appreciated our quality system,operation management very much.

After the business meeting, he said it's very impressive to visit our company and he felt rather confident to collaborate with us. Mr. Saqib carefully reviewed our products item by item,after he fully understood our main advantages, he selected several products to his portfolio, we will develop the market together for a bright future. At last, we enjoyed happy time at the plant and had a lunch together.



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