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Ultrasound visual diagnosis and treatment will be the development trend

May 15,2023

Life Medical Equipment had organized the national pain department and ultrasound diagnosis and treatment technology training in Yunnan, this training was obtained the permission by the National Health Commission.

Many famous doctors were coming here to attend it.

Headed by the pain department, combined with the orthopedics department, rehabilitation department to form visual diagnosis and treatment training .In the future, each department can use ultrasound anesthesia needles,  inject anesthetics, and perform diagnosis and treatment independently. On this training,doctors demonstrated How to use the ultrasound anesthesia needle ,which produced by Life Medical Equipment. Life Medical Equipment is the first registered manufacturer of ultrasound Anesthesia Needle in China. Ultrasound anesthesia needle using ultrasound for precise detection of definite nerve areas.

Life Medical Equipment adopted brand new technology to optimize the echogenicity of needle used for ultrasound-guide nerve blocks. The Ultrasound anesthesia needle of Life Medical Equipment have the advantages of safe, cost-effective and reduce the time of staying in hospital. View more details of ultrasound anesthesia needle, can click this link



From this training, we know that ultrasound visual diagnosis and treatment will be the development trend. More and more demands of ultrasound anesthesia needle will be increased in domestic and oversea market. And the needle which produced by Life Medical equipment has the good quality and better price, so Life medical is the best choice. We will be always welcome you to contact us.