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Knowledge For Pressure Transducer

August 29,2023

Invasive blood pressure monitoring refers to the method of directly measuring arterial blood pressure by inserting an arterial catheter into an artery.It can continuously monitor the patient's systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and average arterial pressure, and at the same time display the value and waveform on the monitor in real time with the help of the pressure sensor, which can reflect the dynamic changes of blood pressure in time and accurately, avoiding the Human interference and some operational factors.


Invasive blood pressure puncture location and principle

1. Radial artery: the preferred route, because the position of the radial artery is superficial and relatively fixed, the puncture is easy to succeed. But Allen's test should be done first.

2. Femoral artery: It can be used when other arteries are difficult to puncture, but attention should be paid to prevent infection and strengthen fixation.

3. Ulnar artery: The Allen test confirmed that the radial artery is the main blood supply to the hand. The ulnar artery is used to improve safety, but the success rate is low.

4. Dorsalis pedis artery: It is an extension of the anterior tibial artery of the lower limbs and is relatively thin.

5. Brachial artery: The puncture point is in the fossa cubitalis, which may also block the blood supply to the forearm and hand.



The catheter is punctured and placed in the blood vessel of the measured site, and the outer end of the catheter is directly connected to the pressure sensor. Since the fluid has a pressure transmission function, the pressure in the blood vessel will be transmitted to the external pressure sensor through the liquid in the catheter. In this way, the dynamic waveform of the real-time pressure change in the blood vessel can be obtained, and the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and mean arterial pressure of the measured blood vessel can be obtained through a specific calculation method.


Blood sampling sensor (invasive blood pressure sensor)

This product is suitable for clinical medicine for medical units to monitor patients' arterial pressure and central venous pressure, and at the same time provide the function of closed blood collection.


✔Blood collection can be performed while blood pressure monitoring is performed;
✔Using imported chips and imported exhaust valves, the measurement is accurate, effective, stable and safe;
✔The closed blood collection system can minimize the risk of infection;
✔Reduce the damage and pain to patients caused by multiple punctures;
✔ Strong compatibility, the cable connector can be matched with mainstream monitors on the market.