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Knowledge For Peel Away Introducer Sheath

August 31,2023

Instruments commonly used in interventional radiology include sheath needles, catheters, guide wires, syringes, and catheter sheaths. Wherein, the introducer sheath is a device for establishing a guide catheter, a balloon catheter or other intravascular device percutaneous access channels during treatment.


The catheter sheath can be exchanged with different catheters during the operation, and the heparin solution can be infused repeatedly to prevent thrombus formation, and at the same time, it can avoid arterial wall damage caused by repeated catheterization.

The new interventional product "Tearable Introducer Sheath Kit" can not only complete the basic function of channel establishment, but also add an easy-to-tear design to facilitate the removal of the sheath tube. The wedge-shaped transition between the dilator and the sheath tube can reduce puncture resistance and lock the cap at the same time It can prevent the dilator from retracting during puncture.


Peel Away Introducer Sheath Kit

This product consists of peel away catheter sheath,  dilator, puncture needle, guide wire, syringe and scalpel. Suitable for guiding various pacing leads and catheters.



✔Easy-to-tear sheath design for quick removal of the sheath;

✔The catheter sheath connector is a handle with anti-slip texture, which is convenient for the tearing operation of the sheath tube;

✔Wedge-shaped transition between dilator and sheath to reduce puncture resistance;

✔The locking cap design firmly locks the connection between the dilator and the sheath to prevent the dilator from retreating during puncture.