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Knowledge For Enteral Feeding Bag Set

August 09,2023

enteral feeding sets are designed to deliver best patient outcomes. The feeding sets are intended for administration of enteral nutrition, fluids or medication and are available in multiple configurations: bag and spike pump sets and gravity set. enteral feeding pump sets are bags that are designed to be used with feeding pumps. Some feeding bags do not require an enteral feeding pump to be used and these are gravity feeding bags. These feeding bags come with or without Spike Sets and in either 500 or 1000 mL.


How do you use the enteral feeding bag?

First, wash you hands, clean your work surface with soap and water or a disinfecting wipe, cover your work surface with a clean cloth or towel, assemble the supplies you need for the gravity feeding. A gravity feeding bag, IV pole, non sterile gloves, formula a clean container such as a measuring cup for the formula, another clean container with a type of water recommended for flushing the tube and a small syringe. For feeding through a nasal or oral feeding tube ,you also need pH strips , measuring tape and a stethoscope. You need these to check the tube replacement. Put on the non sterile gloves, measure the amount of formula you need for one feeding into a clean measuring container. If you are using a nasal or oral feeding tube, check the tube placement for a refresher. If using a low profile feeding tube , attach the feeding extension to the patient’s feeding tube, flush the feeding tube with the prescribed amount of water, close the roller clamp on the gravity feeding bag tubing.


Pour the formula into the gravity feeding bag, hating the gravity feeding bag from the IV pole, adjust the height so the bottom of the bag is at least 24 inches higher than the patient ‘s stomach. Place the end of the feeding bag tubing into the measuring cup, slowly open the roller clamp to allow formula to run through the gravity feeding bag tubing. When the formula reach the end of the tubing, close the roller clamp,this process removes air from the tubing. Connect the gravity feeding bag tubing to the feeding tube or extension, open any clamps on the feeding tube or extension. Slowly open the roller clamp on the gravity bake tubing, count the number of drops of the formula filing through the drip chamber during one minute. Adjust the roller clamp until drops falling through the chamber each minute equal the drops per minute you calculated before. Always check the number of the drops per minutes several times during the feeding. You must also check the drops per minute if the position of gravity bag or the patient changes. when the feeding is complete, close the roller clamp, close any clamps on the feeding tube or extension. Disconnect the gravity bag from the feeding tube or extension . Flush the feeding tube as directed by your healthcare provider. if you are using a low profile feeding tube, disconnect the extension from the feeding tube. Close the cap on the feeding tube.