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Knowledge For Disposable Index Sensor

August 11,2023

Disposable Index Sensor is an important consumables for collecting and transmitting EEG biological signals. It is expected to be used in combination with EEG depth monitoring and diagnosis equipment to continuously noninvasive monitor EEF signals of patients.

It can optimize Anesthesia Delivery for each patient.

And provides an objectives measure of the patient’s depth of consciousness. Combined with your experience, it enables you to confidently monitor and tailor safe, optimal anesthesia for each patient.


Technical Introduction:

Connection: Enables simple EGG data collection via a noninvasive sensor applied to the patient’s forehead. By analyzing the frequency domain characteristics of EEG, the original EEG signal based on time-amplitude relationship is transformed into frequency-power relationship, so as to analyze the deep state of consciousness.
Material: Medical ABS, medical foam, medical sponge, silver chloride pulp, conductive adhesive, PET substrate.(No latex)
Technology: The use of stylus technology, can achieve fat free.


Why choose bispectral index scale(BIS)?

1. It has been proved to be the gold standard for awareness monitoring

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom... And many other national professional clinical committees recognized and recommended it for clinical awareness monitoring; The bispectral index of EEG not only improved the effect of anesthesia and the comfort of patients, but also proved to effectively reduce the awareness rate during operation and postoperative memory in predictable clinical trials. Approved by FDA in 2003: it can be used as intraoperative monitoring. There are more than 3200 research literatures, 95% of which are published in the top four international anesthesia journals in the world.

2. It is widely used in clinic, with various and flexible choices

Bispectral index of EEG is applicable to anesthesia and other fields requiring sedation (operating room, ICU and other clinical operations requiring sedation). In terms of population, it is suitable for patients of all ages, from children to elderly patients. In terms of application equipment, BIS EEG dual frequency index cooperates with major monitoring manufacturers with a global market share of more than 90%, which is applicable to 90% of all brands of monitors. More than 49000 machines (single machine and module) have been installed in the world. So far, more than 24 million people have applied bis in the world.


Non-invasive EEG sensor compatible with BIS module has the following advantages:

1. The product has 7 years of clinical verification experience, with sensitive measurement and accurate value;
2. Brain electrode adopts imported conductive adhesive and high-quality 3M double-sided adhesive, with low impedance and good viscosity;
3. The product has good compatibility and is suitable for Kehui machines. At the same time, Philips, Mindray and other bis modules can be compatible. In addition, various monitoring accessories are available;
4. It has strong anti-interference ability, and the sensor has certain anti-interference ability to the electromagnetic signals of other electrical equipment.