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Knowledge For CO2 Absorbent Set

October 23,2023

unique medical grade CO2 absorbent designed specifically for clinical use, It has a long history of use within anesthesia and meets all the requirements of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias. It’s chemical formulation has been developed specifically to address the potential problems of use within the medical environment, while maintaining the highest possible CO2 capacity.


Product Features:

Low dust, without blocking pipe.

Small particle, large absorption area, high absorption efficiency.

It does not react with existing commonly used anesthetics and does not degrade volatile anesthetics.

Two indicator colors to choose from: pink becomes white after absorption; Or white become purple after absorption.

This product is composed of a complete non-removable main body and a matching adapter. The main ingredients of the product are PP and calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide particles of the contents, as well as some medical filter sponges.

The product is designed for different brands and models of anesthesia respirator machines commonly used in the market. It is used to absorb the carbon dioxide gas discharged from the patient's end, and then the filtered converted gas is delivered to the anesthetic ventilator machine and returned to the patient through the normal circulation path.


Installation process:

1. Empty the carbon dioxide bottle

Because this product can replace the original design of carbon dioxide absorption bottle of anesthesia machine, that can avoid cross infection and change carbon dioxide adsorbent ash pollution and other problems. Therefore, it is necessary to empty the carbon dioxide absorption bottle equipped with the original machine and reinstall it on the machine. And confirm accurate sealing installation. Note that after a period of use, the carbon dioxide absorption bottle may have some water concentrated inside, please dump it in time.

2. Comb the respiratory circulation pipeline

The operating path of the anesthesia machine is a complete closed loop, so please double check that the circulation path is correctly connected and tightly connected before starting up and using.

3. Connect carbon dioxide absorber

According to the design principle of the original anesthesia machine, our product is set on the patient pipeline connected to the machine air in port. Remove the sealing covers of the upper and lower ports of the product. Pass the index finger through the hand ring of this product, and relax the last three fingers. The thumb can give a small push when the upper port of the product is connected to the anesthesia machine. Due to the inclined design of the machine air in port, some models need to use the adapter included with this product to make the air intake segment horizontal. Try to make the product in an upright horizontal state after installation to achieve better results.


4. Get to work

Reconfirm that the loop is usually leak-free and work according to the routine procedure for anesthesia machine use. Please pay close attention to the carbon dioxide concentration detection data of the anesthesia machine during the product operation.

5. Replace and end the use.

In order to reduce the waste of materials, the product is designed to use each small tank for 3-5 hours. If the anesthesia machine indicates that the carbon dioxide concentration at the end of the call exceeds the standard, the product needs to be replaced midway. No need to stop the operation, first select the replacement product, quickly unplug the used product, and replace the new product, the normal operation can be completed within 5-10 seconds.
After using the product, please cover the sealing cover and dispose of it according to the local medical waste treatment method.



This product should be kept sealed when stored, the conventional factory upper and lower ports are blocked. Please store in a clean, dry, balanced humidity environment, the storage temperature should be in the range of 0-35 degrees Celsius, storage humidity exceeds the range due to water loss resulting in reduced efficiency and shortened service life, if stored properly, unopened plastic containers can keep the absorption capacity of calcium and lime for at least five years.