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Introduction for single use tracheal tube

March 20,2023

Endotracheal intubation is the most effective and reliable method of establishing an artificial airway. It refers to the technique of inserting a special endotracheal tube through the oral or nasal cavity and into the trachea through the glottis. This technology can provide the best conditions for relieving airway obstruction, ensuring the smoothness of the airway, clearing respiratory secretions, preventing aspiration, assisting or controlling breathing, etc.
Endotracheal intubation technology is widely used in emergency department, ICU, anesthesiology department, various wards and various emergency scenes outside the hospital.

The purpose of endotracheal intubation:

1. Keep the airway open, establish a smooth and stable airway for ventilation, and prevent aspiration;
2. Ensure that the artificial airway is airtight and airtight, which is convenient for the control of the artificial ventilator and the management of the assisted breathing mode, so that it can be ventilated smoothly and effectively;
3. Establishing and ensuring an unobstructed airway is the first prerequisite for all first aid measures.


This product is used for clinical anesthesia, first aid and resuscitation when it is necessary to quickly establish a breathing channel.

✔The product is composed of a polyethylene tube body with stainless steel reinforcing wire and a patient end, cuff, indicating balloon, inflatable tube, machine, etc.;
✔The oblique angle of the patient end is a standard angle, the transition of the melting head is smooth, there is no burr, it has the characteristics of anti-deformation, anti-folding, anti-tissue damage, and easy to use;
✔The airbag is soft, smooth and elastic. After inflated, it can be closely attached to the inner wall of the patient's airway, which can minimize the damage to the airway during intubation.