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Introduction for Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

May 30,2023

A good vascular access is a necessary condition for maintaining the health of hemodialysis patients, just like a "life line". The hemodialysis catheter is one of the "life lines" for patients. The commonly used vascular dialysis accesses include arteriovenous fistula and central venous catheter (CVC).


In actual clinical practice, hemodialysis access is the guarantee for successful treatment and has an important impact on the effect of dialysis and the lives of patients. At present, with the aging population and the increasing incidence of diseases such as hypertension, the clinical use of related devices such as hemodialysis catheters is also increasing year by year.


Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

This product is clinically used to create short-term venous access for hemodialysis, blood collection, manometry and fluid infusion.



✔Exquisite soft tip, effectively protects blood vessels and greatly reduces the risk of blood vessel walls being penetrated;

✔Special catheter material, the catheter becomes soft at 37 degrees, reducing the damage of the vascular intima;

✔The super-smooth surface design reduces the resistance of catheterization and prevents platelet adhesion and thrombus formation;

✔Clear specification display, the white card with specification flow is installed on the colored buckle to avoid mistakes;

✔The tube body is fused with developer, and there are scales on the surface of the tube body, and the position of the tube can be displayed under x-ray.