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Introduction for Disposable Pressure Extension Line

June 08,2023

In clinical invasive blood pressure monitoring, pressure extension tube is a very common medical consumable. Its main function is to connect the pipeline for pressure monitoring or infusion or blood transfusion in invasive blood pressure monitoring.

In the operation of indwelling the puncture needle, in order to increase the indwelling time, usually the proximal end should be selected for the clamping position of the piston.

When clamping the distal end of the extension tube, because the liquid space is relatively large, the elastic area of the extension tube increases accordingly, so that the pressure in the blood vessel is greater than the internal pressure of the extension tube, thereby increasing the blood return rate and the corresponding tube blocking rate.


In addition to the conventional pressure extension tube, there is also a special light-proof extension tube that also has significant clinical advantages. Some drugs for treating diseases, such as sodium nitroprusside, vitamins, quinolones, antineoplastic drugs, etc. It has special physical and chemical properties and is highly sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Under the action of light, it will decompose, deteriorate, change color or reduce the efficacy of the drug, and some even produce toxic substances. Therefore, a light-proof extension tube must be used for routine infusion.


Pressure Extension Line

Pressure Extension Line is suitable for the connection of pressure monitoring pipelines, infusion and blood transfusion steering.



✔The locking joints at both ends are more secure and reliable;

✔The length of the extension line is optional to meet various clinical connection needs.



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