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Introduction for Chest Drainage Catheter Kit

July 04,2023

Closed thoracic drainage is a technique widely used in thoracic surgery, and it is an effective means to treat empyema, traumatic hemothorax, pneumothorax, and spontaneous pneumothorax. Based on the principle of gravity drainage, it is an important measure for reconstruction after thoracotomy, maintaining negative pleural pressure, draining pleural gas and fluid, and promoting lung expansion.

The main purpose of closed thoracic drainage is to drain fluid, blood and gas in the pleural cavity, restore negative pressure in the thoracic cavity, maintain the normal position of the mediastinum, and promote lung inflation.


Chest Drainage Catheter Kit

This product is clinically used for the drainage of pneumatosis, effusion and empyema in the chest cavity. It is suitable for traumatic liver rupture, spleen rupture, acute severe pancreatitis with pleural effusion, Patients with advanced tumors complicated by pleural effusion, cholecystectomy, transthoracic liver abscess incision and drainage, who need to be drained after chest surgery.



✔The curly design of the drainage end makes it easier to fix in the tissue lumen and prevent displacement;
✔The tip of the head adopts a gradual structure, which reduces the pain of the patient during the operation and improves the comfort of the patient;
✔Medical TPU material, good biocompatibility;
✔The tube body is soft, softens automatically in the body, and has little irritation;
✔The scale of the tube body is clear, which is convenient for clinical determination of the depth of the tube;
✔With X-ray opacity, easy to locate;
✔Large inner cavity, multi-side hole design, large drainage area.