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Introduction for Central Venous Catheter Kit

May 30,2023

Central venous setting management is to use large human veins, such as epigastric veins, hypogastric veins, etc., which can directly and quickly input a large amount of fluid into the circulation or require long-term venous maintenance or intravenous antibiotic treatment and indwelling venous catheter. It is an interventional operation and treatment.


The main purpose of central venous catheter is to monitor central venous pressure, and an intracardiac pacing catheter can be placed urgently. It also can replenish water and electrolytes, increase circulating blood volume, improve microcirculation, provide nutrients for the human body, maintain positive nitrogen balance, and infuse drugs at the same time to treat diseases, etc.

Central venous catheters can be roughly divided into the following four categories according to their catheterization forms: Peripheral Inserted Central Catheter (PICC), Central Venous Catheter (CVC), Implantable Venous Access Port (PORT), Tunnel Central Venous Catheter (CVTC).

A central venous catheter (CVC) is a system of indwelling catheters in blood vessels. The catheter is placed in a large vein to establish a pathway between the outside world and the central vein.


The main difference between it and traditional infusion is that the selection of blood vessels has changed from small peripheral blood vessels in the hands, feet, and forearms to large veins such as femoral veins, jugular veins, subclavian veins, and cubital veins.

Central Venous Catheter Kit

This product is used to establish a safe and convenient central venous channel, which is convenient for clinical first aid, intensive care and medication during surgery, blood transfusion and parenteral nutrition supply, and can be used in conjunction with a blood pressure sensor to monitor central venous pressure.

Product composition:

This product consists of central venous catheter, puncture needle,  guide wire, dilation tube, disposable sterile syringe, disposable sterile injection needle, scalpel, heparin cap, butterfly clip, disinfection brush, middle single, small single, hole It consists of towel, absorbent cotton gauze, non-absorbable surgical suture (with needle) and blister box.



✔Catheter body material is specially manufactured, with good biocompatibility, it can soften automatically when indwelling in the human body, effectively protecting the inner wall of the blood vessel;

✔The surface of the torn tube body is super-smooth, which reduces the resistance of tube insertion and effectively prevents platelet adhesion and thrombus formation;

✔The blue soft head at the tip of the catheter has strong visibility, and the radiography of the tube body is convenient for positioning;

✔The patented puncture guide wire prevents the guide wire from being discounted and greatly improves the success rate of puncture.