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How to use the Arterial Cannula?

July 05,2023

Arterial lines/Catheter can be placed in the radial, ulnar, brachial, axillary, posterior tibial, femoral, and dorsalis pedis arteries. In both adults and children, the most common site of cannulation is the radial artery. They allow us to draw blood easily without having to stick the patient with a needle. They also allow us to draw blood tests that must be drawn from an artery (such as arterial blood gases). Arterial lines are also used when close blood pressure monitoring is required.


arterial cannula used primarily for hemodynamic monitoring.

Radial Artery: Primary site of arterial cannulation. Femoral Artery: Secondary site of arterial cannulation. Dorsalis Pedis Artery: A viable alternative site for cannulation.



Steps for how to use arterial cannula:

The catheterization site must first be cleaned and sterilized.
An anesthetic is used to numb the pain.
Separate the device and inspect the cannula unit.
A trained doctor or clinician will then insert the needle into the artery.
The needle is then partially withdrawn. Bring the cannula back until blood return indicates that the cannula tip is in the lumen of the artery.
Advance the cannula into the artery, at same time drawing the needle back.
Engage the locking mechanism to block the flow of blood.
Close up of the lock mechanism.
Secure the device with a sterile dressing over top the plastic wings.