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How to use a suction liner with shut off valve?

July 18,2023

suction liner was used as a storage of fluids or debris from human body during surgery or other medical procedures by using a complete set of Suction Liner System. Come with Safety Valve for Overflow Protection; The valve will automatically shut off when fluid get full in Liner.


The single-use liners are easy to use and include an automatic shut off valve and bacterial filter to protect the central vacuum system.

The step for how to use the suction liner with shut off valve:


●To begin snap the lid on to the liner listen for a click. Insert assembled liner firmly in to the hard out canister.

●Connect the blue connector tube to the vacuum port using a push and twist motion attached the patient tube to the patient port verify that all connection are secure and that unused ports are capped.

●Turn suction on using the on/off valve on the mounting bracket or the regulator while completing the shutdown process.

●Ensure vacuum suction remains on until the canister is properly sealed. Disconnect the patient tubing from the patient port and securely cap the port disconnect the blue connector tube and securely cap the vacuum port once all ports are capped.

●Turn vacuum suction off using either the vacuum regulator or the on/off valve on the outer canister bracket to remove the liner twist while lifting to disengage the vacuum seal for additional leverage.

●Push the liner up with your thumbs using the bracket dispose of the semi-rigid liner in compliance with your facility’s protocol.