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Disinfection Cap

Disinfection Cap


Why use disinfection Cap?
All IV access points are potential portals of entry for contamination.
Every I.V. catheters presents potential for Catheter Related Bloodstream infections (CRBSI).
Even when not fatal, CRBSI can progress to other serious conditions which can lead to extended hospital stays.
Unprotected ports can touch floors, armpits, bed linens and other non-sterile surfaces adding to their bioburden.

Use of the disinfection cap can lower the occurrence of CRBSI and is cost saving.

Consists of cap shell, screw interface, alcohol/ Isopropyl alcohol(IPA) impregnated pad and cover sheet.

Suggested Applications
Intended for use on all intraluminal access ports as a disinfecting cleaner prior to line access.
After application of the device, it will disinfect the port for 3 mins and protect the port for up to seven days if not removed.

Select the proper disinfection cap before use.

1. Disinfection cap for male luer, disinfects the critical surfaces and protects the distal end of I.V. tubing and other male luer devices

2. Disinfection cap for open female luers:
Designed to luer lock onto a wide range of stopcocks and catheter hubs.

3. Disinfection cap for needleless connectors.

4. Disinfection cap for Hemodialysis Connector

Intended Use
Disinfection cap is alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol(IPA) -impregnated cap that twist onto port for disinfection and protection. Used at home or a health-care facility, they disinfect prior to line access and act as a physical barrier to contamination between accesses.


Select the proper disinfection cap before use, do not use the wrong disinfection cap.

Ref. codeDisinfection capConnectorDisinfectant
LMD-0101Disinfection cap for male connectorMale connectorAlcohol
LMD-0102Disinfection cap for female connectorFemale connectorAlcohol
LMD-0103Disinfection cap for needleless connectorNeedleless connectorAlcohol
LMD-0104Disinfection cap for Hemodialysis ConnectorHemodialysis ConnectorAlcohol
LMD-0201Disinfection cap for male connectorMale connectorIPA
LMD-0202Disinfection cap for female connectorFemale connectorIPA
LMD-0203Disinfection cap for needleless connectorNeedleless connectorIPA
LMD-0204Disinfection cap for hemodialysis connectorHemodialysis connectorIPA