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Company Profile Of  Life Medical Equipment

LIFE Medical Equipment is a manufacturer dedicating to Arterial cannula, Enteral feeding tubes, Enteral feeding sets, Suction canister liner, Disinfection cap, Extension tube, Stopcocks, Needleless adapters, I.V. Cannula as well as IV infusion set, upholding the highest standard for performance and quality assurance.

With the coronavirus outbreaking, company have invested medical face masks, KN 95 particle filtering respirator, protective goggles and disposable face shield, isolation gown,these kinds of protective devices will help to reduce the exposure to virus.

LIFE is a rising star of medical devices and innovative technology in China. The company was established since 2015.

LIFE invented the arterial cannula and other products; so far we have 2 patents for invention and more than 20 utility model patents via collaboration with Sunyetsen university. We create products to optimize the quality of life for our users. We are continually improving product designs and our user’s experience. We are committed to providing our users and clinicians with world class medical support.


Our purpose is to provide innovative solutions and superior support to help healthcare professionals and providers ensure safety, enhance patient outcomes, and improve the total cost of care.

We are passionate about improving and saving the lives of patients through high quality, innovative medical devices and services.

We implement an intensive search and development process in order to identify breakthrough medical devices that address unmet clinical needs.

Our company is committed to marketing successfully in its territory innovative, cost-effective products in high growth market segments, to investing the resources required to develop new product concepts and to ensuring a leadership position in the emerging medical technology segment.

LIFE/ Partners
We are committed to raising the standards of healthcare in China by introducing and establishing the widespread use of breakthrough medical technology. To this end, the company is developing a growing number of strategic collaborations with leading international suppliers from the USA and Europe. Strategic assets, such as the company's operational infrastructure and its local market expertise, which derive from over 20 years of experience in successful implementation of innovative product concepts, add significant value to these partnerships.

LIFE is implementing a very well planned strategy of activities. We are active in following environments:

Vascular /  ICU /  Operating Room / Gastro nutrition / Anesthesiology /Nursing/Surgery/ Oncology/ Neurosurgery/Neurology

Life medical equipment company commitment to quality is reflected in the Quality Statement, Quality Policy , accreditations and certificates   (EN ISO 13485:2016 , CE 0197).

In order to support people to overcome the coronavirus, we expand KN95 respirator, protective goggles, disposable face shields production lines, these products have been successfully certified with CE 0161.

LIFE is selling products to worldwide, the clients are rather satisfied with the product quality, we believe our products will bring great value to esteemed clients.